Chappelli Cycles

A cult classic in the making.

Chappelli storage room boxes and bikes image by Hoyne Design
Chappelli print by Hoyne Design
Chappelli logo by Hoyne Design

Chappelli Cycles design, manufacture and sell bicycles. With a focus on beautiful simplicity, these bikes are aimed at the modern rider who values great design.


The repositioning of Chappelli goes beyond that of a mere bicycle manufacturer. Hoyne have created a persona of Chappelli as curators of urban culture, and devotees of a new urban religion born from two wheels. The heart signifies passion for cycling and design, but the simplified angular form reflects a bicycles physicality and structure. The cross is emblematic of cycling as its own true religion. This is a bold simple design, which tips its hat to the past.

Chappelli Nathan Hotten on bike image by Hoyne Design