A new identity for an investment firm embodies success and value.

Forager Australian Share Funds by Hoyne Design
Forager Business Look by Hoyne Design
Forager Font by Hoyne Design
Forager Funds Management Brochure by Hoyne Design
Forager Brand by Hoyne Design
Forager Portfolio by Hoyne Design

Forager is an independently owned funds management business focused on creating wealth for its clients. The Forager team scours the world’s stock markets, seeking out opportunities to add to its portfolios of mispriced securities.


Previously called Intelligent Investor Funds and part of the Intelligent Investor family, the businesses separated in 2014 and the funds management business was renamed Forager.


The new brand identity represents Forager’s unique positioning within the industry and reveals a precious object hidden within the brand. Golden touches reinforce the idea of hidden gems that the company uncovers for its clients. Forager’s new brand can be seen across a broad spectrum of collateral.

Forager Business Card by Hoyne Design