Healthy Chef

A holistic approach with a positive impact.

Healthy Chef Organic Super food WPI
Healthy Chef Organic Pea Protein image by Hoyne Design
Healthy Chef Brochure by Hoyne Design
Healthy Chef Organic Super Food Image by Hoyne Design
Healthy Chef Logo by Hoyne Design
Healthy Chef Best purest range on the market leaflet by Hoyne Design

Teresa Cutter is one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking. When she approached Hoyne to create the brand mark for Healthy Chef she was about to introduce a range of proteins and health supplements based on her reputation as a nutritionist, health educator, media spokesperson, chef and author.


With a client who is genuinely qualified and committed to promoting wholesome eating and general wellbeing, we needed to design packaging for Healthy Chef protein powders and supplements that completely abandoned the aggressive, highly masculine cues often seen in the sector. Healthy Chef products are organic and preservative free, the packaging needed to complement these qualities, echoing this pristine, high quality and innovative message. The packaging and colour palette is contemporary and stylish and is able to sit comfortably alongside all quality wellbeing products in the home.