Henley Website

A website that supports the home buyer's journey


What do you do when your consumers are fearful and full of trepidation about buying your product, and perceive the process to be painful? 

Henley has been an established brand in the Australian home building industry for the last 26 years. However, in an industry where distrust, apprehension, fear and scepticism are major barriers to sales, Henley needed a website that actively positions itself around honesty, transparency, reliable delivery and usability. 

The new website gives an accurate insight into the process of building a home, rather than just showing the end product. This is a strong point of differentiation from Henley’s competitors. The design supports customers through the entire buyer journey, addressing key consumer needs around reassurance and trust. It intuitively drives users to products that best suit their needs and engagingly showcases the homes and an array of other services. Rather than simply having renders, the website shows photographs of the product, with the aim of creating something that feels tangible and trustworthy.