ICD Property

Enhance and empower.

ICD Property Every ICD project represents a legacy brochure by Hoyne Design
ICD Property Enhance and Empower leaflet by Hoyne Design
ICD Property brochure by Hoyne Design
ICD Property Brochure by Hoyne Design

ICD Property operates from the position that collaboration is essential. This leads to a culture of brainstorming, idea swapping and open dialogue. To capture this, Hoyne partnered with ICD Property to evolve the brand and deliver collateral that communicated the company’s vision.


The resultant collateral focused on the company’s collaborative values. Their greatest asset is featured – the staff, supported by existing and upcoming projects to introduce their growing profile. We brought this all together in a beautifully crafted brochure that exemplifies ICD.

ICD Property Enhance and Enpower leaflet by Hoyne Design