Triple J

A brand icon that beats the drum for the Australian music scene.

Triple J Skateboarder image by Hoyne Design
Triple J Drum Logo by Hoyne Design
Triple J Drum Illustration Logo by Hoyne Design
Triple J Beer Holder Logo by Hoyne Design
Triple J Tarpaulin Branding by Hoyne Design
Triple J Outdoor Stage Signage by Hoyne Design

After Triple J became a national broadcaster aimed at the youth culture of Australia it needed a marketing symbol to plaster on t-shirts, CDs and condoms. Hoyne first designed the original red Triple J ‘drum’ symbolising the free spirit and energy of youth in 1991.


The original intent behind the drum concept was to create something that was boisterous, impulsive and fun. A drum as a symbol was the perfect representation for something that was raw, tribal and loud. Giving it three sticks made it unique, unexpected and referenced the name itself. Unbeknown to Hoyne, the marketing tool became Australia’s most recognisable and enduring youth brands.

Triple J Tshirt by Hoyne Design