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Tipalea | 29 Bourke Road

29 Bourke Road is championing the growth and evolution of Alexandria with a performance-focused office space that brings the suburb’s exciting future to life today.

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29 Bourke Road, Alexandria is a purpose-built commercial building with all the charm, space, flexibility and dynamic energy of a warehouse — but with the modern, low-maintenance inclusions of a brand-new space.

Alexandria suffers from a negative perception that it is isolated and industrial. In reality, Tipalea’s site is just a 10 minutes walk from Green Square, an area set for significant growth over the next twenty years, and adjacent to Perry Park, a lush urban oasis.

Our challenge was to educate a commercial audience about Alexandria’s evolution into an exciting and a commercially viable location for their business and workers.


The solution strikes the market with a vibrant, energetic and progressive vision of an office building.

The brand positions the project at the forefront of growth in the area, enabling Alexandria’s bright future to be attainable today. With a focus on the work lifestyle that 29 Bourke Road delivers, communications educate potential occupants about the benefits of the location; this is an intelligent, dynamic and commercially smart alternative to the already overcrowded CBD.

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