Balmain's Golden Era

MADE Property Group | Bijou

Reinvigorated by developer MADE, the former Bijou Theatre in Balmain is being adapted to create 29 prestige apartments.

  • CGI
  • Place Branding
  • Property Marketing

The Bijou itself is a robust art deco building, well ingrained in the suburb’s history. The building’s refined lines and dramatic curves comprise an elegance and character that is hard to replicate in this day and age.


Hoyne’s marketing strategy paid homage to the building’s nostalgic heritage and charm. The visual language, created by Hoyne’s in-house CGI team, was reminiscent of movie credits and theatre posters from almost a century ago. The tone of voice drew cues from the building’s past life as a theatre and cinema, using statements such as ‘All of life is a stage’ and ‘A history that’s worthy of the big screen’.

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