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Atelier presents personality and presence on par with its surroundings

  • Place Branding
  • Property Marketing

St Hilliers’ latest residential development was set to be one of the last waterfront sites left on the Kingston Foreshore in Canberra. This campaign needed to promote a well-crafted product that was cleverly designed by Bates Smart, sell the lifestyle vision of what the Kingston Foreshore will develop into, as well as differentiate the product from other similar buildings in the area.


Bates Smart’s connection to the surrounding environment, including its prime waterfront position, enabled us to position the development as a refined, handsome character in the Kingston Foreshore. The campaign focused around the name ‘Atelier’; the space belonging to an artist, designer or artisan. Atelier was positioned as a luxurious and bespoke product.


“The brand Hoyne created for Atelier positioned the project perfectly, differentiating it from all other offerings in the market. Ultimately, this distinction led to stronger than expected sales and we were able to achieve our pre-sale target within the first four weeks.” – Scott Ginnivan, St Hilliers Property Development Manager

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