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As the first apartment project in the area The Grace was a rare offering in Northbridge.

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  • Property Marketing

Comprised of 33 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, this boutique development has architecture by DKO and interiors by Coco Republic. As the first apartment project in the area, The Grace was a rare offering in Northbridge. The key challenge was to attract an audience who would usually be looking at houses, and offer something different that would draw their attention. Our target market of downsizers and young families were also concerned that Northbridge was not well connected to the CBD, and there was a lack of knowledge about where Northbridge actually is.


The campaign positioned Northbridge as a prized enclave of the inner city and engaged buyers with a compelling vision of the quality and character of the apartments and their pristine, convenient location. In order to pique interest, we used a slow reveal technique. The whole building was initially wrapped in black hoarding to create an air of mystery and intrigue. We also built suspense through the release of the press ads: the first was entirely black with just the name ‘Grace’ in gold. Then, over the following weeks, we slowly revealed what ‘Grace’ was.


The campaign exceeded the client’s expected sales prices.

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