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Harold Park held a special place in locals’ hearts who didn’t want to see its character compromised by new development. We needed to find a way to bring the local community on board with our project while also engaging people from the outside that wouldn’t ordinarily consider Glebe a place to live. 


To appeal to the local community and simultaneously spark interest in people with no connections to the area, we needed to tell an authentic story about how the place that existed is coming to life in an exciting new light. We retained the name ‘Harold Park’ for the masterplan as a homage to the heritage, and subsequently named each release after winners of the Gold Mile – a horse racing competition historically held on the site. 

We positioned Harold Park as ‘Glebe’s secret backyard’ – amplifying the community’s unique character. This gave buyers a fresh perspective on Glebe and leveraged the intrigue and charm that existed in its history. The graphic style of the tram scroll was adapted for use in all collateral – from brochure to sales suite. We also developed a telegraphed style of verbal communication to effectively illustrate how Harold Park ticks all boxes… and then some. This authentic storytelling was carried through all 8 stages released within the masterplan.


The results were exceptional with over 13,000 expressions of interest and more than 180 apartments sold at launch for Harold Park. Lisa Taylor, Mirvac’s Marketing Manager for New South Wales commented that “Hoyne were able to imbue Harold Park with a personality so strong and tangible, it will last for years”.

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