AMEX | Little Green

Hoyne created a unique sense of place – clearly distinguished from the surrounding homogeneity and sprawl.

  • Place Branding
  • Property Marketing

Only a small parcel of land was on offer in Tarneit. Amex’s 300 lots, anchored by a central park, would rely on intimacy, modernity, diversity and affordability to appeal. Amex wanted to offer buyers new choices in lot sizes. They also wanted city-style aesthetics, technology and opportunities to dominate. Hoyne, drawing on in-depth experience across CBD towers and suburban and semi-rural developments alike, put forward the solution.


Through workshops and our own research, we helped the client formulate a succinct vision to guide the built and landscaped aspects of Little Green – not just the marketing approach. The brand resonated with the audience as urbane equals; socially and culturally aware individuals who want to enjoy the best of modern living to ensure they and their families enjoyed the same benefits as inner-city residents.


The campaign was so successful, the developer staggered supply to the market.


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