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A company of experienced market-leading professionals, Real Properties act as champions for clients, understanding their needs and sharing their goals.

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Hoyne’s assignment was to name, brand and position the agency and create a brand mark that was simple, smart and authentic; reflecting their position as a customer experience oriented business, focussed on maintaining long term relationships. The project was characterised by two key challenges: firstly, how to differentiate the agency in an already crowded marketplace full of competitors; secondly, how to position Real Properties as a transparent authentic and egoless company in an industry that often is perceived to be exactly the opposite.


We positioned Real Properties as an agency that is run by real people, who create real results and build real partnerships. They are not egotistical, political or Machiavellian – often the stereotypical perception of property agents.

The name Real Properties encompasses the authentic ‘real’ values that the brand stands for, as well as ensuring the industry focus is immediately evident.


Response to the launch of Real Properties has been exceptionally positive. Since launching the company has grown from a 2-man operation to a 6-person business within the space of 6 months. Real Properties now has offices in both Sydney and Melbourne.

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