The Surry Cadmium Hoyne

The essence of Surry Hills

Cadmium | The Surry

A timelessly cool campaign that captured the essence of Surry Hills.

  • CGI
  • Place Branding
  • Property Marketing

Our target objective was to create a campaign that defied trends and was timeless yet cool. The target audience was ‘the in-crowd’, the movers and shakers of Sydney, people who already know and love Surry Hills, and have discerning taste. The key challenge was the location of The Surry, which is at the gritty, yet to be gentrified end of Surry Hills where apartments don’t have picturesque outlooks.


The campaign revealed an insider’s view of Surry Hills, showcasing a vision of inner-city living that is unapologetically Surry Hills cool. The brochure includes interviews with creatives and artisans who work in the neighbourhood, showing the area’s strong connection to the arts. Evocative CGIs bring the apartments to life – open plan, light-filled, space to luxuriate in; an inner-city haven to call home.


The launch of The Surry was a huge success with 50% of apartments sold in one morning. Twelve of the 24 apartments were purchased by the target market of local buyers. The launch also saw a number of premium apartments selling for an impressive price point.

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