Legacy or lethargy? Launching The Place Economy®

Legacy or lethargy? Launching The Place Economy®

“There are incredible projects across the globe showcasing everything that is possible when government, commerce and communities listen to each other and collaborate in the building of cities.” - Andrew Hoyne

At the recent launch of Hoyne’s latest book, The Place Economy®, Andrew Hoyne put out a call to the industry: Choose legacy not lethargy.

Sharing his thoughts with audiences in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Andrew said: “I want to be proud of the contributions and creations I’m involved with, so the information in The Place Economy® speaks directly to the legacies we are creating – for our children and future generations. People with great aspirations, intentions and ambitions work in this field but their efforts are not always fully realised because of economic and onerous regulatory factors. Sadly the watering down of innovation, creativity and quality in our precincts, buildings and new suburbs can be seen in every state in Australia. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Good placemaking considers how the built environment actually affects people. It’s an ideal combination of planning, architecture, green space, amenities and cultural connections. It can attract business to communities and cities, and improve economies. It can change the way a community sees itself and it instils pride.”

He also noted, “An increasing collection of case studies, from both here and overseas show a categorical link between better placemaking and significantly higher profits. And by profits I mean the returns that developers and investors can enjoy, as well as the coinciding upswing in economic performance and community wellbeing. When you create a place with meaning and resonance, everyone wants to be a part of it. That means apartments sell for higher prices and lease deals are done at higher rates per square metre. This is a commercially compelling conversation.”

By starting the conversation earlier, by getting more experts to work collaboratively, Andrew believes better ideas can be created, costed, approved and delivered. The end result: a meaningful built environment that positively affects social and economic wellbeing. In essence: legacy over lethargy.

The Place Economy is born of Andrew Hoyne’s 25-year experience as Principal of Hoyne Design, working with architects, councils and property developers to deliver new residential, mixed-use projects and communities in Australia and beyond. If you’d like to know more, or purchase a copy, visit www.theplaceeconomy.com. 100% of sales are being donated to Habitat for Humanity Australia.

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