Queensland’s largest urban waterfront renewal project: Northshore

News | 23 11 2017

Northshore is Queensland’s largest urban waterfront renewal project in history, and is set to become Brisbane's most exciting precinct.

Northshore is Queensland’s largest urban waterfront renewal project. Over the next 20 years, this 304-hectare site will be transformed from a historic wharf into a premier waterfront suburb that blends tradition with tomorrow. It will be a source of inspiration, with smarter living, open spaces and world-class design for everyone to enjoy.

While the project was launched in 2011, Northshore hadn’t gained traction as a recognised suburb – and people in Brisbane weren’t familiar with where or what it is. Hoyne were set the challenge of refreshing the Northshore brand and vision. Our KPI was simple: people need to be able to ‘ask a taxi driver to take them to Northshore without requiring directions’. We needed to create a single-minded offering that Northshore could own and be famous for.

Northshore is already home to exclusive riverside living, creative incubators, an active outdoor lifestyle and pop-up experiences – including the famous Eat Street. The campaign builds on this to re-position Northshore is a place where new ideas flourish, new flavours are invented and new friends are made. By creating a new brand strategy and strong visual identity, the campaign will position Northshore as ‘A Place of Discovery’ – and we are working closely with Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) to make this vision a reality.

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