Vivid Ideas: The link between better placemaking and higher profits

Vivid Ideas: The link between better placemaking and higher profits

Making the argument for how and why placemaking boosts business & profitability.

In May, Andrew Hoyne spoke at Place Leaders Asia Pacific conference, run as part of Vivid Ideas. The conference formed a global platform, bringing together leading voices from across the Asia Pacific and centred around the key themes of Culture, Identity and Transformation in Place. Andrew spoke on the categorical link between better placemaking and higher profits, both social and economic. He explored the misconception among some developers and Councils that placemaking won’t return profit and economic success. In reality, we know it’s the opposite.

Andrew also took part in The Great Debate on the subject of ‘Place making: a product for property development not a process for the people’. He argued for the affirmative side, speaking alongside Sam Shepherd, Managing Director of the Bellringer Property Group and Narelle Hutchins, Head of Place Strategy and Design at AMP Capital. Together they argued the case that “community activation is not placemaking – in order to bring a sophisticated place vision to life, you need to create new places that people want to be; then these places can become a driving economic factor”. This proved to be a compelling argument that was a hit with the crowd and resulted in resounding victory for the affirmative team.

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