30 Esplanade

30 Esplanade / SC Land

Perfect luxury

  • Place Branding
  • Property Marketing
The Project

The duo behind SC Land takes a purist’s approach to development. Every project is exquisite and uncommon. Melbourne’s Brighton coastline will house a limited but spectacular collection of homes within groundbreaking architecture. The campaign for 30 Esplanade targeted a small but significant audience with unusually high design knowledge and expectations.

The Campaign

Bespoke, crafted and expert – these are the words that describe 30 Esplanade and this was the philosophy underpinning the campaign. A spectacularly packaged set of marketing tools celebrates every single artist and craftsperson involved in the project.


Chenghan Tan, Director of SC Land commented: “I would like to pause for a moment to thank [the team] for all their dedicated efforts. Hoyne created a really beautiful package for us, including fine and elegant writing.”

Graphis Design Annual 2016 – Merit Award