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Henley has been an established brand in the Australian home building industry for the last 26 years. Recently, however, the market has become more and more homogenous, with distrust, apprehension, fear and scepticism towards builders identified as major barriers to sales. They needed to take a different approach if it wished to continue to be a market leader in the building sector.


Hoyne worked with Henley to establish the company as a business that actively positions itself around honesty, transparency, reliable delivery and support standards. This addressed key consumer needs around reassurance and trust. The design puts product at the forefront, with content that is easily digestible to reduce the complexity of the home buying experience. The brand collateral brings the brand pillars – Honesty, Transparency, Delivery, Support – to life and represents a clear, straight-talking, honest and open approach that is unique in the market.


“We found that working with Hoyne was a very collaborate process. They have both the experience and expertise to uncover meaningful insights, then used these to tailor motivating and compelling creative strategies that resonated successfully with our target market. Since the launch of the new Henley brand we have seen an increase in key digital metrics along with positive feedback from customers.” – Jeremy Hanger, GM Sales, Marketing & Design, Henley