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Kinley will become the second largest urban renewal project in Victoria and on completion will include 3,000+ dwellings.

  • CGI + VR
  • Place Branding
  • Place Visioning
  • Property Marketing

Kinley is a 160-hectare site in Lilydale that will soon become one of Melbourne’s newest suburbs, with a new train station and town centre that reutilises the site’s 140-year-old heritage infrastructure. The objective was to maximise the value of the site and offset the perceived distance from the Melbourne CBD.


Three different visions for the new community were developed, which were then tested with research groups representative of anticipated future residents. Each vision incorporated ‘hard’ elements such as streetscape design, housing typologies, public realm and ideas for revitalised industrial infrastructure. ‘Soft’ elements such as a community name and brand were also included. The final vision and brand for Kinley was then informed by outcomes of this research.

Kinley was positioned as Melbourne’s newest Eastern Suburb. This linked Lilydale to the city, making it aspirational for both Eastern and city buyers, successfully widening its depth of appeal to a broader market. The brand also leverages the site’s existing industrial heritage infrastructure and positions it as a new village with heritage character.


Kinley has been established as Melbourne’s newest Eastern Suburb and when the campaign launched in 2018 it quickly received over 4,500 enquiries.

“For the most part, our suburbs are often seen as little more than soulless dormitories. Kinley is already challenging that perception and successfully redefining what it means to live in the suburbs.”
David Payes, Managing Director, Intrapac
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