Sylvia Park – Place Visioning

Kiwi Property | Sylvia Park – Place Visioning

Hoyne has been working on the place vision for Sylvia Park with Kiwi Property.

  • Place Visioning®
  • Service: Place Visioning
  • Type of Development: Mixed-Use 
  • Size of site: 24 hectares

Sylvia Park was developed by Kiwi Property between 2006 and 2007, and has since grown to become New Zealand’s largest shopping centre. Its $277 million expansion will see Sylvia Park become a thriving community where people can work, shop, live and play, located 10k south of the Auckland CBD.

The opportunity was to establish a new mixed-use destination in Auckland. The development will target commercial, retail and community uses.

Hoyne’s role was to work closely with Kiwi Property’s development team to prepare a clear place vision for Sylvia Park that would guide the evolution of the current shopping centre into a true mixed use community.

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