Woodlea Townhouses

Woodlea Townhouses / Mirvac

The next generation of Woodlea for a new generation of buyers

  • Place Branding
  • Property Marketing

Woodlea first entered the market in 2015 with immediate success. After numerous sell-out house and land releases, it was quickly named the fastest selling community by the National Land Survey Program.

The introduction of a new townhouse product presented a fresh challenge; how would this new style of product fare against the existing house and land product, in a market that was dominated by young families who prioritised space.


Based on the continuous success of the project, the campaign leverages the existing Woodlea brand equity and amenities, but has been evolved to appeal to a younger, more urban demographic. This is the next generation of Woodlea for a new generation of buyers.

The campaign focuses on the townhouses’ proximity to the urban heart of Woodlea, the new local town centre. A compelling offer for the younger market who want a quality, contemporary, affordable product, without sacrificing their connected and amenity-rich urban lifestyles.


The brand remains true to the Woodlea parent brand, but has evolved to incorporate a vibrant, contemporary edge. The results speak for themselves: both initial townhouse releases sold out on their respective opening weekends.