Workshop / Milligan Group

A work destination of the future

  • Property Marketing

A new model for inspiring business, this flexible, campus-style space is a centre of activity where you can hold a conference in the café and a brainstorm at the bar, push your performance at the gym and exercise your imagination at every turn. The main barrier Hoyne identified was that commercial tenants think Pyrmont is an inaccessible location.


So we positioned Workshop as not just a workplace, but a destination of the future. We diffused the perception of Pyrmont by highlighting how the CBD is moving west, meaning Pyrmont is emerging as a dynamic hub for visionary businesses. It is connected to pivotal zones around the city and positioned for next-generation success.


“Hoyne delivered a stunning campaign that demonstrated how Workshop functions and delivers as a workplace of the future. Their ability to deliver fresh creative thinking and bring new ideas to the table was inspiring and made the journey with them very memorable.” – Jarrod White, Development Manager, Milligan Group