How CGIs can raise your project’s bottom line

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How CGIs can raise your project’s bottom line

The majority of CGIs today are similar, so memorable must be the rule.

When it comes to CGIs, the focus is usually on feature driven, pragmatic visualisation of product. However, given 10 seconds may be all you have to set your product apart – memorable must be the rule.

By not styling a render to be specific to your audience, relevance and meaning is lost. Ultimately, the imagery becomes less compelling because it fades into a mass of other visuals.

The majority of CGIs today are similar, showing the same furniture, view lines and layouts – repetitively. This means that there is no point of difference and consumers can’t connect with your brand. The best CGIs go beyond the obligatory angles and finishes to create a compelling visual narrative that increases engagement, yields and community impact.

To achieve this, we start thinking about CGIs early in a project. Our CGI team works hand-in-hand with our strategy and creative team from project kick-off, contributing to the brand strategy as it’s developed. This enables the team to visualise how CGIs can be used to tell the right story and results in a more integrated and meaningful solution.

The impact of differentiation is evident in our work with Frasers Property for Wonderland in Sydney’s Central Park. Inspired by the Lewis Carroll’s classic – ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, the CGIs brought the story to life – characters and all – and placed them in a modern context. By adding emotion into the imagery, it resonated on a deeply human level helping to  generate an impressive 17,000 ROIs prior to launch, and $140 million worth of sales at launch time.

Another example is our work with Defence Housing Australia (DHA) for their Arkadia development in Alexandria.  This took a different approach. Instead of simply showing interiors and indicative architecture, the CGIs illustrated how people could use the diverse range of spaces in Arkadia.

Double-sided CGIs demonstrated how the benefits of the development’s sustainable architecture translates into everyday life. They embrace the authentic, human aspect that Arkadia offers, to speak to a market that values being part of a community with deeper connectivity.

CGIs are an integral part of any campaign. Early consideration provides the opportunity for real differentiation, market cut-through and ultimately supports the commercial success of a project.

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